Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Little Red Hen Reader's Theater

Each of our reading groups has been working on Readers Theater, which is a wonderful way to improve fluency and reading with expression.

Click on the links to see Penelope, Jack, Neil and Jackson in The Little Red Hen.

Unfortunately this blog only allows short videos, so there are 2 short clips. Please excuse the my loud voice, as the narrator, since I was also the amateur videographer!

The Little Red Hen Video 1

The Little Red Hen Video 2

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What's going on in art?

Mr. Plourde is having students create pictures of the animals that they researched as part of our Animal Research Projects. 

With these projects, we are integrating science, language arts, art and technology.

We will be sharing our projects with you in the coming weeks!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Biomes Update

The kids were amazed today that despite the lack of sun we've had lately, the grass in our biomes have grown so much.

We discussed how, as scientists we need to use a careful eye to observe what is happening around us. 

After observing their biomes, the kids drew and labeled what they noticed and were able to write about how the biome had everything it needs to support a living thing (air, food, water). 

The discovery of condensation on the top of the biomes invited a quick exploration into the water cycle and a discussion about evaporation.

There are so many rich conversations that naturally occur with science. The kids love sharing what they already know and learning about the natural world around them.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Read to Self

Research shows that having uninterrupted blocks of time to just read, read, read every day is critical for improving reading.

Every day, our class has time to read self selected "just right" books (books that are neither too easy, nor too hard). It is so exciting at this time of year to see the kids fully engaged in their reading, and able to independently read for sustained amounts of time. Here's a glimpse into our class when all the kids are reading, reading, reading!!

 Students record the books they have read in a Reading Log.

After reading 10 books, students sign up to have a Book Conference with an adult, where they review the books they have read, and choose one book to read aloud. The adult is able to reflect with each student to ensure that they are choosing "just right" books.
video video

The hum of the classroom while all kids are reading is the definition of music to my ears!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fractions and Measurement

We had fun this week creating 2 art projects that incorporated what we've been learning about fractions and measurement.

First, focusing on the fraction 1/2, each child created a colorful 1/2 and 1/2 square of Classroom Fraction "Rug."

Today, we tried to chase the snow away by creating some cheerful spring fractions flowers, focusing on the fraction 1/4.

The kids followed step by step directions and used measurement and their knowledge of fourths to help decorate our wintry looking windows.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


As part of our science unit on animals, we have been comparing living and non-living things.

We have learned that since plants and animals are both living things, they both need the same things.

A poem and some videos about photosynthesis taught us how plants get what they need (and also how good they are for our earth!).

In order to observe the ways that plants get what they need from the environment, we created biomes (an area with plants, adapted to an environment). 

First we put gravel in the bottom of a cup to help the soil drain.
We then added a layer of soil, and noticed that there were flecks of "food" in the soil for the plants.

We added our grass seed.

After watering our new plants, we found a sunny window to watch them grow.

I asked the kids why they thought we were putting tops on the cups. One idea was so that the grass didn't grow too big. Another was so the water would stay in the cup.  

We are excited to discover how these plants have everything they need to live.  

Stay tuned and we'll give you an update soon....