Monday, May 15, 2017

Pineland Farms

We had a super time on our field trip today! The kids learned a lot about what different types of farm animals do for us. From the cow who gives us milk to different breeds of cows that we get our meat from, and draft horses that do the heavy work on a farm, we got to interact with many different kinds of animals. Although it was a bit chilly, we were lucky that the rain held off until we had just finished our picnic lunches. This picturesque farm with it's emerald green rolling hills is the perfect place to bring kids.  It makes me so grateful to live in Maine!

We met the enormous draft horses that can be found pulling a wagon through the Old Port during the holidays in December.

We learned that hens aren't ready to lay eggs until they have both a wattle and a comb.  We made our own wattles and combs with our fingers!

The hen house was one of the funniest places to visit. The kids got a real kick out of carefully walking among the hens. As you can see in the picture above, they even untied my shoes, thinking my shoelaces were worms!

Some of us had enough, and were happier watching the pecking hens behind the safety of a closed door!

Have you ever met a pig with curly hair?! Well, we did! These cute creatures even let us carefully touch their course, wiry fur. We learned that they make great bacon!
This shy, young cow will travel to the fairs in the fall, and much to the kids' dismay will be great beef for someone one day.

We had to be very quiet and calm to earn the trust of the 3 cute alpacas.  They had recently been sheared. Not only are they great for their fiber, but they can also help protect the boundary of farms.
 Just look at the eyes on this sweet calf!

The dairy cows were extremely friendly, and would have slobbered all over all of us if we let them!

The final treat of the day was meeting this adorable 7-day-old goat. Her soft fur and sweet eyes won over all of our affection!!
A quick picnic lunch before the drizzle started was the perfect way to end our fun, educational morning!

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