Monday, November 7, 2016

Morning Meeting

We start each day with Morning Meeting.  There are 4 components to our meeting: Greeting, Sharing, Activity and Morning Message. 
Here is a snapshot of our meeting today:

Greeting: "Playing Card Greeting" the children were dealt a card with a number on it. When it was their turn, they counted that many children and greeted whoever they landed on. Children learn to make eye contact and greet their classmates in a friendly manor.
Sharing: Each child has a chance to share once a week. They can share 3 sentences about their topic, using bean bags to keep track of each sentence.

 They can then call on 3 friends who have questions, again keeping track of the questions with beanbags.

 Activity: We read a new poem each week (this week's is "Months of the Year"). Most days our activity includes reading the poem. We spend time visualizing, doing word work and adding movements to the poems. Today we were searching for the sight word, "and."
Morning Message: We read our Morning Message together (chorally). The Morning Message gives them information about the day to come and the children help correct mistakes or fill in missing information.  Often, there is also a class survey to answer as part of the Morning Message.

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