Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Guided Reading

During our hour literacy block, I meet with small groups of students for Guided Reading.
During this time we work on many reading activities that help the kids learn the skills they need to read and comprehend more difficult texts independently. 
Following are some photos that show some of the activities we do during Guided Reading.

We preview books before reading by taking a "picture walk." We make predictions about what the book is about, and look for words that may be tricky to read.

 Before reading, we also practice reading words that may be "word stoppers" during our reading.

Our "tools of the trade" = great books and our bookmarks, that include the "Beanie Baby Strategies that we use to solve unknown words.
We read with a partner or take turns with our group.
We read to ourselves.

We read... and read... and read!!


We use "whisper phones" to listen to our own reading, which helps us read more fluently.

 We write about our reading.


We play with the words that we find in our reading.

We practice reading "high frequency words" which helps us read fluently.

 We love reading!!

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