Thursday, March 30, 2017

Read to Self

Research shows that having uninterrupted blocks of time to just read, read, read every day is critical for improving reading.

Every day, our class has time to read self selected "just right" books (books that are neither too easy, nor too hard). It is so exciting at this time of year to see the kids fully engaged in their reading, and able to independently read for sustained amounts of time. Here's a glimpse into our class when all the kids are reading, reading, reading!!

 Students record the books they have read in a Reading Log.

After reading 10 books, students sign up to have a Book Conference with an adult, where they review the books they have read, and choose one book to read aloud. The adult is able to reflect with each student to ensure that they are choosing "just right" books.

The hum of the classroom while all kids are reading is the definition of music to my ears!

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